Dentistry in Poland.


Dental tourism in Europe. The benefits of dental tourism in Poland are:

Lower treatment costs – Up to 80% cheaper, especially for those without insurance coverage

Transparent pricing – Many clinics will give you the prices of their treatments/procedures upfront

Memorable experience – Enjoy a short vacation alongside dental treatment in an interesting foreign country by visiting local restaurants and attractions

Quality service – Dental clinics abroad can be more caring, attentive and personable as their businesses rely heavily on attracting foreign customers through referrals from happy patients

Convenience – In most cases there is no waiting list for treatment and clinics will work around your schedule, not the other way around.

Dental tourism Hungary. Cost of treatment in Hungary.

Implants done in Budapest for 500 Euro per implant (4 each jaw) then about 2050 Euro per denture fitted to a bar supported by each set of 4 implants; they are solid during eating.

In Poland, dental procedures can cost a fraction of the price compared to countries in Western Europe and North America, even when the cost of travel and accommodation are taken into account. Poland is a diverse country, dental tourism is a rapidly growing industry and there are a number of high-quality clinics to choose from that use the latest techniques and technology. The clinics in Budapest are particularly high quality. Some clinics offer packages that include treatment, accommodation, flights and even sightseeing tours.

dentistry-in-polandDental implants Hungary. Clinic in Budapest.

Poland is fast becoming a top destination thanks to the growing number of clinics that offer visitors low-cost but high quality dental treatment. It is also an attractive country to visit thanks to its rich culture and numerous historical sites. Most dental only take a few hours over the course of a couple days, leaving plenty of time to see the sights. Many of the dentists practicing in Budapest studied in Western countries and English is widely spoken.

Many private clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and hygiene levels are very good. Most will offer package deals that include treatment, flights, transfers and hotels in addition to a vacation.