Dentistry Romania.


Dental Romania.

Dental care in Romania offer a wide range of dental services which diagnosis and treatment plan, hygiene and prophylaxis, periodontal surgery, implant surgery, oral surgery, removable partial or complete dentures, dentures on implants, fixed prosthesis, endodontics, inlays and dental aesthetics.

Prices for all dental benefits are at least 50 % lower than the prices of Croatian and Hungarian dentists. You will be taken care of by specialized dentists with experience in the dental treatment you need. Dental implants have many brands (Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Megagen, Alpha Bio), crowns and dentures are made of zirconium and ceramics (Ivoclar Zircad, Emax, Empress,Vita, Noritake).

Dental treatment Romania.

Dentist Solutions to solve the most different cases of dental defects:

to get a beautiful smile you can change color, shape and position of teeth by correcting the defects of the gums.

Wide range of dental services which:

diagnosis and treatments plan,

hygiene and profilass,

periodontal surgery,

oral surgery,

removable partial or complete dentures,

prosthetics on implants,

fixed prosthesis,


dental anesthetics.

Also if you suffer from periodontal disease:

through the specific care, today, you can treat periodontitis and recover your teeth even if they move.

Dental Romania. Time for dental treatments.

The timing of dental care provides a a limited number of appointments and times for each stage of care.

The reason why it costs less to make the dental treatment in Romania is obvious.


Dental implants Romania. The materials.

The costs of materials used in Romania is exactly the same as other European countries; they use the same CE marked materials respectful of Directive 93/42 / EC.

Why then do dental care cost less?

Because in Romania the management costs are lower indeed:

the average income is much lower, both as regards the dentists that nurses,

the cost of rent of dental offices is lower,

the fees that companies pay in Romania are lower,

cost for utilities are lower (lelectricity, gas, telephone, etc.).

Dentistry Romania. Why should Romania compared to other Eastern European countries ?

You can reach Romania with simple ways, there are many cheap flights and where there are no cheap flights , there are coaches with great rates. Also in Bucharest you can find very nice hotels, with a very low price.

Dental implants Romania prices. Rates.

There is no down payment to be paid. The treatments are paid for each phase, directly to our dentist in Romania , only those carried out during the stay, You pay in cash or by credit cards.