Romania dental care.


Dental implants Romania.

As far as dental tourism goes, Romania is a considerably conveniente destination.

Compared to the UK, prices may even drop to 30%. This applies both to cosmetic dentistry and to treatments such as dental implants and dental crowns.

What’s more, many providers of these dental services will also look to arrange your journey and accomodation; as an alternative, there are plenty of low cost flights you can take to Bucharest.


Dental tourism Romania. But why chose Romania?

First of all, the major aspect to be taken into consideration is the economic one. Considering its recent history as a country, the cost of medical treatments is considerably inferior compared to Western Europe and the Unites States: even considering the cost of travelling and accomodation, you will still be able to dave a substantial sum of money.

Dental treatment Romania. Other advantages.

Another thing that needs to be said in favour of Romania is that the peculiar qualities of its environment offer the perfect place to rest, recover and enjoy a few days of relax. Depending on your interests and needs, you can enjoy the quiet and the fresh air of the vast countryside, or you can opt for a city break and visit a range of historical and cultural sights. Bucharest is a particularly favoured destination for medical tourism because it combines high-class medical establishments with exciting attractions of various kind.

In addition to all this, Romania is also famous for its thermal springs and mineral spas: the perfect choice to combine health and vacation.

To be more specific about dentistry in Romania, there is a lot to be said in favour of chosing this country.

Romania dental care. The professional preparation.

Doctors who operate in Romanian clinics are highly specified in all areas of dentistry and can provide valid solutions and treatments recognized worldwide. In spite of what low prices can mistakenly lead some to believe, dentists in Romania are constantly attending training courses in order to keep themselves up to date with the latest progress in the field. The investment in technology and the latest equipment is always consistent, too.

When chosing Romania for their dental treatment experience, patients can rest assured that they will receive one of the best treatments available on the market.