Dental travel.


Dental tourism.

Travelling in order to get dental treatment abroad has become a quite usual practice among many.

Dental tourism (also known as dental vacations or dental holidays) is a part of phenomenon known as medical tourism.

It consists of people looking for dental care solutions outside of their local healthcare system; sometimes, it is also combined with a proper holiday abroad.

Considering the present situation, dental tourism is nowadays an ever growing phenomenon, with a worldwide impact.

Dental holidays.The search of the low cost.

While there might be a wide range of factors influencing the choice to travel for dental care, the vast majority of people are driven by price considerations. This is what makes dental tourism ultimately so convenient: with the current asset of the world and the market, the wide and fast spreading of techinques, materials and techonological advances alllows providers in “developing countries” to offer all-round valid treatments for a considerably convenient price.


Dental travels. The success.

This, in addition to differences between healthcare systems in public funding and general access to it, makes for the main reason why dental tourism is becoming more and more popular.

There might be some concern reguarding the quality of these treatments, and whether or not a drop in price also implies a drop in quality.

It is a very understandable and legitimate concern, of course: when there’s our health at stake, we have a right to be completely sure that we are going to receive the best treatment from qualified professionals.

Dental travel. The quality of the services.

However, for the most part, dental procedures abroad are truly as valid as the ones performed in the Western countries. Considering the international nature of most products and brands used to performe these procedures, it is possible to make a valid and reasonable comparison, reasonably considering dentistry abroad as an equal, as far as quality goes, to that which is provided by our local healthcare system.

Undergoing dental procedures abroad, even considering the expenses for travelling and finding an accomodation, can still be significantly cheaper than undergoing the same procedures in the local healthcare system. Every dental facility has a detailed website through which it is possible to research not only prices, but also the qualifications of the dentists; to be even surer, there is also a way to contact the dentist directly and make sure that the solution offered can meet one’s needs completely.