Dental tourism Turkey.


Dental implants Turkey.

As much as many other countries, Turkey is also amongst those who boast high quality dental services at competitive prices.

There truly are a few modern dental clinics to be found in this country: the major facilities can be found in Istanbul, but there are also clinics in beautiful locations along the Turkish coast.

The majority of these clinics is of recent establishment, dating back approximately ten or fifteen maximum. They are staffed with teams of both dentists and dental surgeons, in order to provide the best variety of care and tend to patients’ every need. There are different treatments available, both in general and in aesthetic dentistry, all in all providing a satisfying range which amply meets the most widespread European standards.


Dentist in Turkey. The service.

The materials used for implants and such are also up to date and treatments in Turkish clinics do not leave patients let down or wanting.

Especially when it comes to clinics situated along the coast, particular emphasis is put on the surroundings of said clinics: they are viewed not only as one of the most valuable assets, but also as a truly useful and fundamental aid in ensuring the patients’ health and prompt recovery. The environment is planned to put patients completely at ease, making them feel utterly welcome and making their stay pleasant and desirable. The experience that is offered is one full of calm and relax, a true stress-relieving vacation to pair up with dental treatment.

Dental tourism Turkey. The quality.

All the clinics are built following high modern standards of comfort, providing the patients with every comfort that may be needed. The technology and materials implied in dental treatments are of high quality and up-to-date with the best European standards. It is particularly underlined how the clinics put a lot of effort into maintaing these standards of quality high and satisfying year after year, to ensure a continuatively positive experience.

The dentists and oral surgeons operating in Turkish clinics are aptly qualified and fully registered with the Turkish Dental Association. Moreover, they all speak fluent English so as to facilitate communication. However, it is noted a certain lack in other spoken languages, which might cause a bit of discomfort in non-English speaking patients.