Laser teeth whitening.


Teeth whitening.

Laser teeth whitening is a highly effective way to whiten your teeth. It’s becoming more popular among average people who are looking to correct a dull smile.

Tooth whitening lightens teeth and helps to remove stains and discoloration. Whitening is among the most popular cosmetic dental procedures because it can greatly improve how your teeth look. Most dentists perform tooth whitening.

Whitening is not a one-time procedure. It will need to be repeated from time to time if you want to maintain the brighter color.

Dentistry laser.

The outer layer of a tooth is called the enamel. The color of natural teeth is created by the reflection and scattering of light off the enamel, combined with the color of the dentin under it. Your genes affect the thickness and smoothness of the enamel. Thinner enamel allows more of the color of the dentin to show through. Having smoother or rougher enamel also affects the reflection of light and therefore the color.

Every day, a thin coating (pellicle) forms on the enamel and picks up stains. Tooth enamel also contains pores that can hold stains.

The most common reasons for teeth to get yellow or stained are:

using tobacco;

drinking dark-colored liquids such as coffee, cola, tea and red wine;

not taking good care of your teet.


Laser teeth whitening lamps Led by the dentist:

The laser, today, is a tool used in all areas of medicine and surgery. In cosmetic dentistry, the laser lights Led is used as an excellent method for whitening teeth, because it has few side effects and good results.

Laser teeth whitening. Advantages.

The laser bleaching teeth Led lamps to the dentist, unlike the mechanical and bleaching with bleaching substances, is better as there are no particular contraindications for patients. Except for those who suffer from dental diseases such as periodontal disease, for those teeth are too damaged or sensitive, pregnant women and lactating women and for people allergic to the substances contained in the whitening gel.

The type of laser used in the bleaching treatment of the teeth, are the diode laser which allows excellent results in terms of bleaching of teeth yellowed and with stains. Argon Laser uses high-energy photons to activate the carbon peroxide without overheating the surface and the CO2 laser which, however, produces a rise in temperature inside the tooth which may results in pulpitis.

Lasers with LED lamps are instruments that use light sources that activate the whitening gel applied to the dentist in order to accelerate the teeth whitening. The gel is collective consisting of hydrogen peroxide it can be activated by plasma lamps, laser or halogen light, or the latest LED. This type of lamps, will then differ from each other depending on the power of the source and to the power of the diffusion range.

Teeth whitening to the chair, as it is also called professional bleaching in the dental practice, is a procedure for those who want to get maximum results in the shortest possible time.

How long does the effect of the teeth whitening results led laser?

The length of the teeth whitening treatment at Laser Led and all the whitening treatment from the dentist with the other techniques, ranging from 12 to 24 months.

So the results are not permanent and stains and yellow teeth can come back anytime.

After about two years it is possible risottoporsi to a new chair of laser whitening or bleaching substances.