Dentistry in Costa Rica.


Dental tourism Costa Rica.

As dental tourism becomes a more and more viable option, we are naturally inclined to take numerous factors into consideration. The main one of those factors being, quite predictably, the economical aspect of the matter. This kind of considerations, however, prompts other questions and curiosities to arise: how does quality influence price and vice versa? What is the situation like in other countries, regarding dental health care? Can we trust dentists and professionals that might come from a different background than the strictly Western one we are used to?

In order to think about these topics, we will take into consideration a specific case: the particular situation of dentistry and dental care facilities in Costa Rica.

Dental holidays Costa Rica. Opportunities.

As a quick research can easily tell us, there are several facilities in Costa Rica that can be taken into consideration: they consists of dental clinics that appear to offer a complete treatment for any problem and request a patient may have, offering professionalism as well as a welcoming and soothing environment. There are even free and easy-to-find online guides that direct the potential patinet towards the best dental clinics and dental specialists, in order to facilitate the choice and make sure that every need is met accordingly.

As a list of the top specialists in the country shows us, these dentists have all the qualification one can reasonably ask for: sound education and qualification from renowned dental schools (whether abroad or in Costa Rica), proper experience in the field they specialize in, and they all speak fluent English to minimize any problem in communication with the patients.


Costa Rica dental clinics.

Dental clinics in Costa Rica appear to be as up-to-date as most clinics are in the Western countries. Specific and innovative treatments are offered, as well as the most basic ones. As reported by the numerous reviews from patients, the succes rate is very high and the general feeling we can gather is one of full satisfaction.

Dentistry in Costa Rica. Prices.

As far as prices go, compared to US prices, Costa Rica appears to be up to 80-90% cheaper. On average, the cost of dental implants in the US is around $5000; getting the same implant in Costa Rica will cost even less than 600$. It is very clear that the price difference is consistent, especially considering that the treatment received is of equal quality.

However, caution is always recommended: wherever one decides to get their dental implants and general dental care, it is always wise to make sure that the hands you are putting yourself into are those of a trustworthy professional.