Tooth bridge.


Dental implant bridge.

Implant-supported bridges are an extremely important resource in dental care.

As opposed to its regular counterpart, an implant-supported dental bridge does not rely on natural teeth, but it is rather supported by implants. This is particularly useful when more than one tooth is missing.

Dental bridges.

A bridge of this kind also helps you keep your dental implants in good condition: quite frequently certain habits and attitudes, such as grinding or clenching your teeth, can lead to loosened implants. The risk is for your implants to ultimately fall from the bone. The bridge, however, can help you counter the risk and ensure health and durability for your implants.

Moreover, if aesthetic concerns you, you can rest assured: implants give by far the best results regarding appearances. However, since every situation is specific and peculiar in its own right, we strongly suggest to always ask your dental care specialist for more specific and specialized advice.

In order to install an implant-supported bridge, there are a few requirements that ought to be met, in order for it to be successful.


Tooth bridge. The important elements to consider.

The first and most important of these requirements is, without a doubt, that the natural teeth and gums surrounding the bridge be in good health. This is very important in order to have the bridge properly installed and ensure the success and durability of the intervention.

A problem can present itself if there is not enough bone to support the bridge. In this case, however, the process of bone augmentation can be used in order to build the necessary supporting bone.

An implant-supported bridge is made of three major elements: the implant itself, surgically placed in lieu of missing teeth (generally one for each missing tooth, but some spaces can be skipped if there is not enough jawbone); a cylinder (made of titanium, porcelain or gold) called the abutement, which is screwed into the implant; the restoration, which is the part that makes your implants look like perfectly natural teeth.

The necessary time to install implants may vary, depending on the situation; however, it is always a matter of a few months, since a couple of surgeries are needed and it is always important to respect proper healing time after each intervention.

The best course is always to ask your dental care specialist for specific advice after a thorough examination.

In the end, if completely succesful, your implant-supported bridge will feel secure and it will allow you to comfortably chew normal food while looking all in all natural.