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Dental treatment is not cheap especially in countries like the UK . This, combined with the repute nearly a third of the population has no dental insurance requires a search for an alternative. For those with dental insurance, coverage is generally limited to just a few treatments. This leaves the average citizen with limited chances of successful dental treatment research in Their country of origin. Fortunately, there are countries where you can get a dental treatment for only a fraction of what you pay in the UK.

This article is intended to measure the phenomenon in one of the most important destination countries, Hungary. Getting healthcare in another European country should be straightforward, but it often creates problems for both patients and healthcare systems.


Hungarian dental travel. The ability to attract customers.

Many countries have excluded much of dental care by social health insurance or the coverage of the national health service. Hungary for example provides coverage for specific conservative and surgical interventions, removable prosthetic and orthodontic treatments specific dental procedures, such as removable prosthetic treatments, may require prior authorization by the competent insurance institution.

In September 2006 the European Commission launched a consultation on health services, focusing mainly on movement of patients. The European Court of Justice supports and defends the right of individuals to obtain care. What are the reasons that lead patients seek care abroad, examine the medical and legal issues that this raises, and outline some possible responses.

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Many studies confirms Hungary as a center for tourism dental care, attracting patients from neighboring countries, but also patients who travel long distances. With the latest dental technology and low-cost treatments, it’s no wonder Hungary is considered the capital of the world dental tourism.

Price levels have been an important factor in making a destination Hungary international treatment. These doctors of contract, approximately 65% of all dentists, are in a contractual relationship with the social health insurance funds. If a service that is normally provided by a non-contracted dentist, patients can request a refund from their respective health insurance fund. In this non-contract sector, the level of fees to be paid is determined by the dentist, even if there is a list of recommended prices published annually by the Austrian Dental Chamber.

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Hungarian dental clinics meet patients meet all patients as they arrive into Budapest Aiport at our Airport Desk. In this period, Hungary has been able to establish itself as a force to reckon with what the dental infrastructure is concerned . Although there are many good dentists in many countries, the fact is that Hungary is approximately 15-20 years before everyone else. This is not only because the treatment offered is high quality , but also because newer technology is more readily available compared to other countries .