Dental bridges.


Dental implants.

Dental bridges are on of the most requested dental care services. A bridge is an artificial prothesis which replaces one or multiple missing teeths, connecting the abutment with the adjacent natural tooth. There are various kinds of bridges, as they can be wider or smaller and can be made with a number of materials: porcellain alone, porcellain fused with metal and gold are just some examples. The number of teeth restored can vary and be different from the number of missing natural ones; if a tooth just needs its crown to be restored, in fact, the prothesis is adjusted on the natural basis. If there is more than one completely missing, instead, it is very common to restore more teeths than the present natural roots (e.g. three prothesis may be needed to replace two natural teeths).


Tooth implants : the benefits.

There are multiple situations in which a bridge is needed, as a missing tooth can cause various problems. The most common benefits brought by a dental bridge are that it restores the shape of your smile and of your face, it helps you chew and speak naturally and it prevents the uncorrect movement of other teeth, which may translate from their natural position.

THE PROCESS During the first visit, a portion of enamel is taken away to make room for crowns over abutment teeth. Your dentist will make the impressions for the pontic and the crowns, and he will make a temporary bridge for you. This is very important, and many people do not consider that temporary bridges are fundamental to protect the teeth while the bridge is made.

After the first visit, it will be time for a second one to adjust the shape of the metal bridge and ensuring it into its position. Sometimes this process requires multiple visits, and if your bridge is a fixed one your dentist may choose to cement it. If cementation is needed, the whole process for the bridge to be correctly fixed will last another ten to fourteen days.

Dental bridges. Price for dental bridges.

As there are multiple elements to be considered, as the number of teeth missing, the complexity of the case and the materials used, cost for dental bridges may vary a lot. To give an average price, it is around 1.000$ for unit, and in most cases a replacement not much cheaper will be needed every ten years.